#LetStopHateSpeech Contest

Rules and Regulations of the Competition “#LetStopHateSpeech” for the Campaign against Hate
Speech on Social Media

The Platform “Peace Crusaders”, with support from the United Nations systems in Cameroon, hereinafter referred to as « the Organizer », is organizing a competition for the Campaign against hate speech on Social Media.

The competition, hereinafter referred to as « #LetStopHateSpeech », shall be held from June 21st, 2019 to June 30th, 2019. It aims to raise awareness among young people by calling on them to think about anti-hate speech and to provoke a different wave and a tendency towards tolerance by users of social networks/media conscious of the violence that can result from it.

Article 1: Purpose of the competition

As part of the fight against hatred, the Platform is organizing a competition for young people between 15 and 35 years old. The competition shall start on June 21st, 2019 at 00:00 and shall end on June 30th, 2019 at 23:59.

Participants are called upon to send their candidatures:

Axis 1: by making a video of up to 60 seconds maximum, offering a creative and original message against hatred. Any form of expression is accepted, as long as the final product consists of a one-minute video recorded in one of the official languages (English or French).

Axis 2: by making a picture against hate speech, with an original slogan of 5 words maximum. Format A4.

Axis 3: through creation of a photo against hatred in landscape format, color or Black and White. Minimum: 1800 pixels. The quote must not exceed 20 words. Format JPEG.

Axis 4: through realization of a text in 500 characters maximum. Attach text written in Word or PDF format.

Article 2: Conditions of participation

The competition is open to any person:

  • of Cameroonian nationality;
  • at least 15 years of age and 35 years of age by 31st December 2019;
  • able to present supporting documents relating to his/her identity;
  • Work must be personal and original.

Participation in this competition is completely free and implies that the authors certify having done their own work without the assistance of a third party not mentioned and without the use of works or extracts of pre-existing works not mentioned.

Article 3 – Submission of Candidature Files

Candidates must register by sending their works between June 21st at 00:00 and June 30th at 23:59. The registration form is available on our website www.letstophatespeech.com and the candidates must send the work before June 30th 2019 to the following address contact@letstophatespeech.com

The registration form can be downloaded from our website and relayed through our social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter). Each participant can only propose one work.

Article 4Submission of works

The candidates must send their works latest June 30th 2019 by 23:59.

Article 5 – Copyright

Participation in this competition implies proof of commitment by the candidate who must have ensured that the texts, music, videos and photos used are free of copyright and truly belong to him/her. These proposed works must be their original creations and not plagiarised. Failure to comply with this point will result in de facto cancellation of participation in the competition.

Through their participation, the candidates further permit their unconditional agreement to the Organizer for their final works to be disseminated. The Organizer reserves the right to broadcast all videos and works received during the period of the competition, to integrate them for promotional distribution of the competition or in its future actions of sensitization and communication activities/campaigns

The participants assign in a non-exclusive capacity, to the Organizer, in their entirety and without any reserve, all the economic rights as defined below that they hold on their work, for all the legal duration of the protection granted to authors / other persons and their assigned rights.


The transferred rights include:

– The right to reproduce  in unlimited numbers, all or part of the work by any means known or unknown to date, digital, sound, audiovisual or multimedia, and in any format;

– The right to represent all or part of the work, in any place, by any method known or unknown to date and particularly in the context of transmissions by television broadcasting, public presentations or screenings, film, magnetic or digital recording, multimedia or website;

– The right to translate all or part of the work in any language or languages known or unknown to date.

This assignment is granted and maintained even if the situation changes.

Personal and professional laureate

Article 6 – Image rights

Participants undertake to respect the image rights of filmed persons and have them sign a graceful assignment of rights form on their image. Similarly, if a minor is filmed, it is advisable to ensure the written agreement of the holders of parental authority. Finally, the participants must ensure the written agreement of the owners when the properties of private or public persons are filmed.

The participants guarantee that they are in possession of all the authorizations of rights in the image of the people pictured (signed by the holders of the parental authority for the minors) they guarantee the Organizer against any third-party recourse having its object or cause, main or accessory, in the content of its application file. Participants undertake to provide these forms of graceful transfer of rights on their image within 8 days in case of request of the Organizer.

Participants undertake to grant free authorization to the Organizer to reproduce and disseminate their images collectively or individually, or images representing them, collectively or individually, directly or indirectly, for publications and public communication (by any means) and on any support to allow the promotion of the competition.

All participants authorize, in advance, the Organizer to write their first and last name for communication purposes.

Article 7:

The members of the jury and any other person involved from near or far in the organization of this competition cannot participate in the competition.

Article 8 – Jury and selection of laureates

A committee made up of members organizing the competition will carry out the selection, in the light of the originality and contribution of works on the theme of the competition.

The laureates will be selected based on the following criteria:

– Match with the theme of the competition

– The originality and creativity of their works

– Technical and aesthetic quality

– The scope of the message

The Organizer reserves the right to refuse a work, for any production that would be judged:

– detrimental to respect for the dignity of persons (discriminatory, insulting, pornographic content, etc.),

– in contradiction with the laws in force,

– contrary to good morals and / or public order.

The laureates will be selected by a jury composed of professionals of the cause and persons engaged in the fight against hate speech. The jury will decide impartially, without having to justify its decision.

The final list of jury members will be concluded by the deadline for submission of the works and made public on our website.

Candidates are informed that there will be no individual notification of rejection or justification for the jury’s selection. The decisions of the jury will be sovereign, they give rise to no justification and are without appeal. The list of laureates will be published on our website, after the public event in Yaoundé on the 2nd and 3rd of July 2019.

Article 9: Prizes

The prizes will be announced and / or delivered personally to each laureate at the award ceremony, in July 2019, as stated in Article 8 above.

Ten (10) participants will be selected for the quality of their artistic works. They will be awarded a certificate of « Champions of Peace » by the Organizer with the support of the United Nations Systems in Cameroon. Prizes won are not redeemable against other prizes or against their prize or value. These prizes cannot be awarded to another person who has or has not participated in the competition. If it is impossible for a laureate to be present at this event, he or she can give the name of the representative.

Article 10: Acceptance of the Regulation

Participation in the competition implies acceptance without any reserve of the candidates to these rules and regulations of the competition.

The full payment is sent free of charge to any person who requests it, during the competing period, upon request from the United Nations Systems in Cameroon, stating his/her last name, first name and address, to the following e-mails:

Article 11: Other modalities

The United Nations Systems in Cameroon as Organizer of the competition  reserves the right to discontinue, interrupt or extend, shorten or modify the competition and its consequences at any time if the circumstances so require and without any compensation payable by the participants, entrant, contributor entry for  participating.

In any case, it reserves the right to extend the period of participation. The Organizer cannot be held responsible for delays or losses in the sending of the works, or their destruction or loss by any other fortuitous event.

The simple fact of participating in this competition implies the knowledge of this regulation and its acceptance.

Any fraud or attempted fraud in this competition by a participant will result in his/her automatic disqualification.

The Organizer reserves the right to modify this regulation if necessary, to take any decision that it may consider useful for the application and interpretation of the rules, subject to informing the participants in advance.

In general, any work containing a political or proselytizing claim, likely to harm a country or a person, contrary to the freedom of expression, of vulgar character, whose message infringes the rights of the man.

  • Entrants must accept the use of their artistic creations for any promotional and dissemination material in which this contest is held.

I have read and accept the terms and conditions of the contest rules « #LetStopHateSpeech”

Concours #LetStopHateSpeech

10 candidats ont été retenus dans le cadre du concours #LetStopHateSpeech lancé le 20 juin 2019 pour lutter contre les messages de haine